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Why Choose MRM

For most electronics manufacturers, complying with the many state recycling requirements in the United States is daunting. MRM can provide relief.

MRM provides turn-key assistance to manufacturers in complying with the many state producer responsibility requirements for electronic waste (ewaste). Manufacturers can participate with MRM to comply with the regulatory requirements in the various states and can also take advantage of MRM’s National Mailback Recycling Program to have an immediate consumer recycling program that provides environmentally responsible recycling opportunities for their consumers across the country.

  • MRM sets up and runs recycling programs in states with ewaste laws. MRM ensures that all programs are approved and in compliance, vets ewaste recyclers to ensure they use environmentally responsible recycling techniques and end markets, and provides ongoing assistance to all companies participating with MRM.
  • MRM tracks compliance deadlines, provides relevant information to manufacturers to use when filing all state forms and registrations, reports recycling results for companies wherever possible and provides step-by-step instructions for reporting and registrations, and handles all interactions with various state regulatory agencies to ensure plan approval.
  • MRM can also provide full-service registration, reporting, and tracking on behalf of companies if requested. This frees up your staff from the time-consuming task of completing all the state- required registration forms.

MRM uses only environmentally responsible recyclers who comply with all applicable laws. All MRM recyclers are Third-Party Certified by either e-Stewards or R2. MRM contracts with recyclers require adequate record keeping, tracking and reporting the markets for recycled material and ultimate disposition of the key recycled materials, performance audits and inspections, provisions for safe reuse or refurbishment, and significant insurance requirements.

Customer Portal

Each company participating with MRM has secure access to an individualized database containing all of its recycling data. Companies can monitor activity with MRM in real time at their convenience.

If you prefer, MRM staff always are available to provide the data for you, but you can rest assured that you can track your company’s recycling activity and targets 24-7 through the MRM Customer Portal.

The customer portal also allows all companies working with MRM to view summaries of the independent audit reports that MRM has performed for all recyclers. MRM arranges for a third party auditor to conduct independent environmental, health and safety audits on all of our recyclers. Companies working with MRM can review the audit summaries so they are secure with MRM’s recycling choices.

Move Forward With MRM

We believe MRM provides the most competitively priced, environmentally responsible recycling programs in the US.

MRM runs state-approved programs in 20 states where manufacturers are required and/or able to run ewaste recycling programs (the remaining five states either do not allow independent programs, have different funding structures such as advanced fees, or utilize state program structures that mean a manufacturer program is not needed).

Our National Mailback program provides an additional option for manufacturers.

If you are interested in working with MRM, please contact or call us at 1-888-769-0149 to get more information.

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Results and Service

MRM works with over forty (40) manufacturers to assist them in meeting all state regulatory requirements for ewaste in the US. We provide hands on customer service and provide environmentally responsible recycling for manufacturers of all types of consumer electronics.

To date, MRM has recycled over -- pounds of ewaste since it was founded in late 2007.

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